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Higher Level Media works with a team of professionals that will help you meet your promotional needs, including radio airplay, reviews, press releases, bio writing, and one-sheet creation.


Our Radio Campaign includes creating an eye-catching one-sheet for your release (albums, EP's), bio if needed, and downloads of your release sent to approximately 200+ programmers, stations, reviewers, bloggers, airlines, and more.  We have many years of experience and have worked hard to build connections with key programmers on SXM, NPR, Hearts of Space, FM  & College Stations, Airlines, and more. We focus on getting you the most placements and airplay possible and continue to send you reports after your campaign officially ends.


Charts that we are able to focus on are Zone Music Reporter, One World Music Radio, NACC Chill Chart, and JazzWeek Chart.

Contact us to see if we might be able to help you. 


We only accept music that is professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered and we feel will receive a good amount of airplay. The amount of airplay that your release received is not guaranteed as music is subjective to the programmers and music directors. 

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