Higher Level Media works with a team of professionals that will help you meet your promotional needs, including radio airplay, reviews, press releases, bio writing, and one sheet creation.


Our package that creates the most bang for your buck and gets your music onto charts is our Full Radio Campaign. If you need to work with a lower budget we also now offer Mini-Campaigns, Digital-Only Campaigns, Singles, and Revenue-Focused Campaigns. Charts that we are able to focus on are Zone Music Reporter, One World Music Radio, NACC Chill Chart, and JazzWeek Chart.


Contact us to see if we might be able to help you. We only accept music that is professionally recorded and we feel will receive a good amount of airplay. 



Our team at Higher Level Media presents your music to FM, Satellite and Internet Radio Stations around the World,  and works hard to get you good chart positions and reviews.



Visit our Current Promotions page to see our artists currently charting and receiving radio airplay.



Many of our clients have received nominations and awards. Feel free to reach out to our past clients for feedback on our services!


Higher Level Media (formerly RS Promotions US)  was founded in 2015 by flutist, composer, and Heart Dance Records artist Sherry Finzer.  We take pride in promoting some of the best artists in the industry while offering reasonable rates. Contact any of our previous clients to get their feedback. 


"Using Higher Level Media for my latest album was one of the best investments I've ever made in my career. Sherry spread the word for my album in a way most would not have touched.  My album ranked well on the ZMR chart, received airplay on Echoes, and even had a track added to SXM Radio. Her assistance and advice stretched beyond her two-month obligation, and I learned so much as we worked together." -" Neil Patton ~composer and pianist ~ Between Shadow and Light.  


“As a company that is headed by an acclaimed artist–Sherry Finzer, Higher Level Media is in a unique position to assist both up and coming and established artists in the New Age/World music genres.  As a musician, Sherry has experience with what works, what doesn’t work, and what could work better.  Based on her own successes as an independent musician, I have no doubt that Sherry’s work ethic and knowledge will be beneficial to her clients.” - Jeff Pearce ~ composer and ambient guitarist ~ Follow the River Home|From the Darker Seasons 


"I've had the pleasure to work with many people in the piano and new age industry since my first album release in 1999. There are a lot of good services out there, and then every once in a while you run into someone who provides truly 'wonderful' service. That is Sherry Finzer! From day one, Sherry treated my project like it was one of her own. When you are an artist, and feel that kind of treatment from a professional service, you know you found something special. Sherry not only understands the business, she also understands "and respects" the musician's product. A powerful mix. Professional, timely, and has my highest of recommendations." ~ Matthew Mayer ~ Ardor ~ composer, pianist, owner of SoloPiano.com